Preparing For Your Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are done at just 5-10 days of life, while they are still very sleepy and flexible!  After your appointment is booked, please make sure to let me know if baby has arrived early/late as soon as you can.  Failure to do so my hinder my ability to to schedule a new date, since it is such a short time frame to capture a newborn!

Please follow these baby prep steps the morning of your session to ensure we have a successful photo session! 

1) Keep baby awake for as long as possible the morning of your session.  At least 2 hours or more, even if your baby normally is a sound sleeper you still need to follow this step!  Giving him/her a sponge bath, interacting, changing clothes and diaper more often are some suggestions.  Baby must be sleepy for the session!

2) Give baby a BIG feeding before you leave the house so they arrive sleepy and with a full belly, the car ride will give baby's belly some time to settle.  We always have time to stop and feed during the session, however this can also cause some gas and belly discomfort which may prevent him/her from sleeping so we try to hold off a little the first two hours.

3) Sessions last for up to 4 hours, as we have to work around the baby's needs so please be prepared to come, relax and hang out for awhile!  I promise that the time flies by!

4) Have baby arrive in zip up or button open clothing.   Anything overhead may disturb them if they are sleeping.

5) If you are breast feeding, please avoid certain veggies that are known to cause gas, coffee, chocolate, soda or anything very spicy.  This may irritate baby's belly making them a little more restless

6)If you have older children, please arrange for your husband or family member to take them home after their pictures are taken.  It can be difficult and may be a safety hazard to photograph a newborn if older siblings are present for the duration of the session.